Through AMRKS, Kosovo becomes a member of EuroRAP

Rotterdam, 12-14 June 2018

EuroRAP (European Road Assessment Programme) is an international organization set up in 1999 in Belgium that is dedicated to saving lives through safer roads.

EuroRAP aims to reduce death and serious injury through a programme of systematic assessment of risk, identifying the major shortcomings that can be addressed by practical road improvement measures. It forges partnerships between those responsible for a safe road system – civil society, motoring organisations, vehicle manufacturers and road authorities – and aims to ensure that assessment of risk lies at the heart of strategic decisions on route improvements, crash protection and standards of route management.

AMRKS has applied for membership in 2014 and during this period there have been ongoing contacts but also mutual official visits. AMRKS officially joins the EuroRAP family on June 14, 2018 at the EuroRAP General Assembly, when the Board accepts the recommendation of the Admissions Committee for AMRKS membership.

Such membership is of the utmost importance because it enables Kosovo’s relationship with partners from different countries to the worldwide cause of achieving road safety. It also enables the expansion of the cooperation network and exchange of practices with partners for effective action programmes on road safety.