We are happy to announce the International Conference IA – Cyber Security and Road Safety. This is a jubilee International Conference organized by the Kosovo Association of Motorization AMRKS, Tempulli Academy and Institute for Road Safety and Transport Research. The conference will be organized with physical and virtual presence and will be held on May 7, 2024, in Prishtina.

This time, through the topics chosen for this conference, the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be discussed, as an important potential in increasing road safety. IA’s road safety and mobility initiative aims to increase road safety using innovative technologies to complement the action plans of the UN General Assembly Resolution on improving global road safety.

The main areas of discussion at the conference will include the following issues:

  • Challenges of the Global Plan in the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030;
  • Road safety data and legal frameworks;
  • Cyber security and intelligent transport platforms;
  • Challenges of Green Transport and Urban mobility;
  • Integration of the national network (road and railway) in the regional and European network;
  • Using AI to analyze road safety data and develop effective action systems;
  • Safer vehicles – increasing vehicle safety through AI-driven features;
  • Road infrastructure – optimization of road design and maintenance by using AI;
  • Road accident response – improving emergency response systems with AI.

Since AI plays a central role in the future of mobility, it is essential to address the cyber security risks associated with road safety. Ensuring strong cyber security measures are essential to prevën unauthorized access, data breaches and potential security risks.

In summary, AI has tremendous potential to enhance road safety and revolutionize transportation systems. By combining AI advances with cyber security measures, we can create safer roads for all, consequently safety and well-being for all.

Your active participation in the conference would be understood as your direct contribution to the

improvement of road safety.

Registration for the conference can be done on the website of the Kosovo Association of Motorization www.amrks.org

For more information about the conference, write to us at conference@tempulli.org