Project EDWARD-“European Day without a Road Death” was launched for the first time last year, from TISPOL- European Traffic Police Network and was supported by the European Commission.

The objective of this initiative, launched by the European Traffic Police Network (TISPOL) and supported by the European Commission, is that no one should die on the roads of Europe on 21 September. In the days leading up to EDWARD, we want all road users to think – even for just a few minutes – about the risks they face, the risks they may pose to others and how they can go about reducing those risks. We believe that EDWARD can make a significant contribution towards further reducing road deaths and serious road traffic injuries.

For the third year in a row, across the Europe will be organized activities to mark the European Day without a Road Death, which take place on 19 September during the European Mobility Week (16-22.09.2018).

In order to further promote the security increase on the roads, College “Tempulli” and the Motoring Association of Kosovo “AMRKS” with the support of the Kosovo German Chamber of Commerce “OEGJK” through a round table discussion for the second time Kosovo marked the European Day without road death.


  • The role of governmental institutions and concrete measures to reduce the number of accidents in Kosovo’s roads;
  • Institution activities and action plans developed during this year as well as the impact of other institutions in the preparation and education of new generations ready to contribute to the management of traffic;
  • Road Safety – Coordination of awareness activities and challenges in road traffic related to the technical condition of vehicles on the Kosovo roads.

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