Forum is established with the sole purpose, that through awareness to reduce the number of accidents, which have as a result the loss of life’s of many participants in traffic, whether  drivers, passengers or pedestrians. forum with the assistance of all stakeholders will be the carrier of the activities which will be designed and implemented within the “road safety” project.

Forum is open for cooperation with all parties interested that through their contribution to make changes to road safety, FRS according to internationally proven and accepted existing models, is a “guardian educator” of every child in the Republic. FRS does not intend to create a dualism or to compete against any other initiative in the country, but on contrary it will insist for cooperation and coordination of activities of this nature.

Since the project is of educational content, we firmly believe that it will affect a large part of the society, especially children and young people to whom it was dedicated. In this way it will highly increase the awareness of traffic participants for their role and responsibility, which will directly result in them behaving according to the rules which already the entire world respects and practices.

We are aware that this initiative requires time and maximum efforts from all of us, starting from the youngsters who we should instruct on how to behave in traffic, up to the ones who draft rules and laws, so all of those who use the roads.  This is the goal that this project has to achieve because we spent a part of our life in traffic, whether as pedestrians, passengers or as drivers.

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