As in the past and this time as well, Tempulli Academy, the Institute of Road Safety and Transport Research and the Kosovo Association of Motorization “AMRKS”, at the beginning of each year in January, organize the international conference, which since 2014 has been held regularly and traditionally. The conference will take place in the spirit of the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030, as an additional contribution to improving road safety, thus preventing road accidents.

This year’s conference comes as a result of fruitful cooperation in several activities for road safety with the Kosovo Insurance Bureau BKS and with other institutions in this field in the country and abroad.

The conference is intended to serve as a powerful discussion platform to address the challenges and opportunities related to the road factor, which, along with the other two factors (the human factor and the vehicle factor), constitute the basic triangle of the causes of road accidents.



  • Local and international legislation for road safety assessment;
  • Needs for the certification of road safety assessment experts;
  • Implementation of the best road safety assessment models;
  • Support and financial cost of road safety assessment objects.


  • iRAP/EuroRAP Partnerships for the Second Decade of Action for Road Safety;
  • KosovoRAP and the scope of activities in Kosovo and the region;
  • Cooperation for the assessment of road safety;
  • Rating (Star Rating) of road safety on roads near schools.