Forum for Road Safety (FRS) fully respects all activities undertaken so far with particular emphasis on children’s behaviour and safety on the road.  Activities which have been taken by our institutions as well as local and international organizations certainly have positively impacted in increasing road safety. Particularly is worth mentioning the hard work of teachers, parents and the Kosovo Police in educating children about safe behaviour on the road. Considering that together we can do more for the protection of our children in the streets, we have decided, that all together to start a new campaign which we have called it “Road Safety””.

“Road Safety” project in three phases:


May2013 – School activities

During May 2013 were conducted activities with students in 40 schools, selected by the MEST, throughout the country.  Organization of these activities with students in schools through filling traffic tests, implies first of all, the inclusion of all students in the program of learning basic skills and rules of behaviour, free movement in traffic. For such a short time, our activities have taken the right place in the society, and the work of FRS teams conducted in the field had a large impact on schools. We should thank especially MEST and the municipal education departments in all municipalities of the country for this.

In this testing are included students as follows:

Nationality Participants Percentage

Albanian 2098 94.93%

Serbian 32 1.45%

Bosnian 47 2.13%

Turks 33 1.49%

Total 2210 100%

MEST has selected the schools and has contributed with a vehicle and a driver. The greatness of these activities lays in the fact that these activities had a comprehensive character, where we managed to include all minority communities in Kosovo, and to cover the schools in northern part of the Republic as well.  All tests in the A3 format (with colours, in Albanian, Serbian, Bosnian and Turkish language)  are printed by Tempulli, who has offered three field vehicles and necessary personnel for the development of these tests.


July – August 2013 – implementation of ten TV shows

During the summer our activities were focused on the implementation of the second phase of the project “Road Safety”. Through television shows with experts in studio and through making special chronicles  in the field depending on the subject which has been treated, we have managed to wonderfully tackle  some of key concerns of the citizens regarding the level of road safety for all traffic participants. In cooperation with KTV during summer we have managed to implement programs within the regular segment for traffic ‘Road Safety’ by treating the following topics:

1)       Disclosure of the project, invited in the studio Mr. Muhamed Krasniqi

2)       Children`s traffic safety, a chronicle prepared by KTV

3)       Traffic accidents, invited in the studio Mr. Baki Kelani

4)       The importance of helmet while driving, invited in the studio Mr. Njazi Kusari

5)       Vehicles with passing priority in traffic, invited Dr. Haki Dragusha and Mr. Baki Kelani

6)       Infants in the vehicle and baby car seats, invited Mrs. Shpresa Mulliqi and Mr. Gamend Preteni

7)       Diaspora and their vacations in Kosovo, invited Mr. Muhamed Krasniqi and Mr. Gazmend Preteni

8)       Highway, speed and rules, invited in the studio Mr. Jakup Hoti from the Ministry of Infrastructure.

9)       Influence of alcohol while driving, invited Prof. Dr. Jusuf Ulaj, professor in the Faculty of Medicine

10)     Lightning signs – traffic lights, invited Mr. Korab Shehu, engineer of traffic and manager in the company which monitors the work of the city traffic lights.

All of these programs are available at any time on “Youtube” by searching “Road safety” (Siguria në trafik).


September-December 2013 – publication of the research results conducted in the country’s schools

We will continue with making television programs, by bringing current topics regarding road safety.

Results obtained from the assessment of students knowledge, regarding the knowledge on the provisions of the Law on Traffic Safety, have been analyzed and during this month is planned to come up with conclusions regarding the findings from this research, relevant recommendations will be provided.

The_decision_of_the_MEST_and_selected_schools_list .pdf