Requested by the United Nations General Assembly, the 5th UN Global Road Safety Week was held from 6-12 May 2019. This week was focused on leadership for road safety. It is widely acknowledged that stronger leadership for road safety is needed to achieve the Global Goals. Therefore it launches action through the ongoing campaign: Save Lives – #SpeakUp.

The activities for marking the 5th UN Global Road Safety Week in Kosovo have been organized by College Tempulli and Kosovo Association of Motorization “AMRKS” with the support by Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Kosovo Police and Kosovo Forum for Road Safety.


6 May 2019 – Overview of activities within the Fifth United Nations Global Road Safety Week and launch of six road safety campaigns.

7 May 2019 – Online distribution of the questionnaire in order to get citizens’ opinion about the factors that can contribute to improving the current road safety situation.

8 May 2019 – Roundtable: # SpeakUp – Everyone can be a leader for road safety.

10 May 2019 – The Central Manifestation of the seventh edition  of  the activity “Road Safety”, where elementary and lower secondary school students from different municipalities of Kosovo compete with bicycles, intendetd to test students’ technical skills in driving bicycles.

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