AMRKS will support preventive actions in order to increase safety by providing information, publishing brochures, catalogues, magazines and publishing researches regarding the development of traffic in the country in the view of preventing traffic accidents.

AMRKS will aim to increase the awareness of politicians, media and the public and emphasise road safety as a priority matter for further development of the country.

AMRKS will support citizens that through quality contents and various forms to gain knowledge and learn the traffic culture and behaviour.

AMRKS will organize debates, seminars, conferences regarding traffic safety in the country. In addition, competitions will also be organized at all levels for different ages but also in auto-motor sports.

AMRKS will be a country-wide information portal by informing fairly and on time regarding all traffic and transportation developments, activities and services.

AMRKS will help with professional services, training and education for its members in organizing and performing the transport of goods and passengers within and outside the country.

AMRKS will engage for institutional cooperation, for organizing scientific activities of common interest in the service of  development and resolution of technical and infrastructural problems, the organization and implementation of projects aiming the development of the country`s public and private sector.

AMRKS will sign the protocol or cooperation agreements with different organization within and outside the country regarding the development of various activities from its activity field.

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