The continued cooperation between the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, College of  Applied Technical Sciences Tempulli, Kosovo Association of motorization “AMRKS” and Kosovo Forum for Road Safety, have facilitated organizing of the nationwide project “Road Safety” for the third time, which is a traditional activity and includes primary and lower secondary schools from across the country, selected by MEST.

The methods of developing activities remain unchanged this year as well, which means theoretical and practical testing of students. Meanwhile, following the selection by MEST, the participating municipalities for this year are: Prishtina, Shtime, Drenas, Viti, Prizren, Kamenica, Novo Brdo, Shtrpce, Gjakova and Malisheva.

MEST is the location where on 29th of May 2015 from 11:00 am, the representative students from 15 selected schools will gather to undergo theoretical test, which is aimed at involving students in the basic rules and skills behaviour, free movement in traffic learning program.

Each of the schools will be represented by 4 students and in order to ensure smooth progress of activities they will be divided in two groups. Group one includes students from grade 3,4 and 5, whereas group two students from grade 6, 7 and 8.

The most successful students in stage one, will be qualified to participate in bicycle race aimed at testing students technical skills in riding a bicycle.

As a result of support and cooperation with Municipality of Prishtina, this year the races will be organized in “Zahir Pajaziti” Square in Prishtina, on 04 June 2015 starting from 1000 hrs.


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