In 2019, for the fourth year in a row, project EDWARD – the European Day without a Road Death will take place on 26 September, following the European Mobility Week. The objective of this initiative launched by the European Traffic Police Network (TISPOL) and supported by the European Commission, is that no one should die on the roads of Europe on EDWARD Day.

Whether you represent a national government, a private organisation, a public agency, a charity, a school, a college or a university, or whether you simply care as an individual, please join us and organise Road Safety Days across Europe and register them on Furthermore, you can make a commitment by signing a pledge on and being part of the social media campaign with #ProjectEDWARD.

As in the previous years, Project EDWARD was a great success in 2018. More than 100 road safety actions were organised across Europe, including information and awareness-raising activities in schools and companies, workshops, conferences and competitions. In addition, the #ProjectEDWARD social media campaign made a great impact on social media with a Twitter reach of 25 million on 19 September and a total reach of 37.2 million, from 11 June to 21 September.

Let’s try together and make it a European Day Without A Road Death!

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