This year as well, the Kosovar Motorization Association “AMRKS” in cooperation with the Academy “Temple” is part of the Sixth Global Road Safety Week.

The week with official activities will hold from the data 17 to 23 May 2021 and is marked with the theme Streets for Life # Love30.

This week, this year will focus on the #StreetsForLife campaign, even if the call is made to limit and the speed 30 km / h uses legislation, infrastructure, design, implementation to vehicle technology and public awareness, where they will walk , you will continue l do without fear of dying on the road!
Low-speed life-saving roads are the heart of every community. Speed ​​limits of 30 km / h create security for all by being a path to safety, health, greenery and, in other words, a path to life. We are calling on policy makers to act on the low speed road in our country, limiting the speed of movement to 30 km / h when you walk, do, in order to secure and survive.

The activities that will be held during the week are as follows:

Ap Opening the campaign with the Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure and the Kosovo Police with a related photo, holding the signs of the # Love30 campaign;
⦁ March with children in the square (respecting the anti-COVID-19 measures), with posters # Love30;
For Distribution of Protective Masks with the motto # Love30;
Në Online campaign with influential people with the motto # Love30, speed kills;
⦁ Placing awareness signs # Dashuria30 near the signs in the city streets in Prishtina;

To work together to increase momentum I also need to complete the Global Road Safety Action Plan 2021-2030.

We invite you to cooperate that as in the past, in addition, we will not make the model of Kosovo in the region and beyond in the activities of the celebration of the Week in 6-Global Road Safety

Online campaign #Streetsforlife #Love30

Abonohu për më të rejat nga ne!
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