Road traffic culture and behavior, in specific the road safety and our (o) missions related to this issue are an important significant measure of our development and integration of Kosovo’s society in relation to regional and European societies. Raising of this issue in our country it should not be seen as a lack of development of our society but it should be understood as the development of awareness and wisdom in addressing this global problematic phenomenon.

Road safety activities are very important and necessary for the whole society. Kosovo Road Safety Forum has organized many successful activities on road safety and we are motivated and encouraged to keep on promoting the importance of road safety and making our roads safer. We are encouraged by the turnout and the success of the activities organized by Kosovo Road Safety Forum on road safety. This conference comes after a successful conference on “Pupils/Students and their safety in road”, which was organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

This conference is planned to bring together professors, experts and stakeholders from South East Balkan to discuss on road safety issues and solutions.

During this conference it will be signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the Kosovo Road Safety Forum which acts under the framework of AMRKS (Kosovo Motorization Association) and KFV (Austrian Road Safety Board).

Based on the role and nature of such conferences which are focused on prevention of road traffic accidents we would be very grateful if you could contribute to the proceedings of this conference.


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