The winning schools of Kosovo in the 6th Edition of our “Road safety” activity

Prishtina, 18 May 2018

For the six time in Kosovo were held the Republican Races “Road Safety”. In this activity participated 16 primary and lower secondary schools from the Municipalities of Prishtina, Ferizaj, Drenas, Peja and Klina with three pupils from grades 6, 7 and 8.

Competing pupils demonstrated their knowledge in recognizing signs and traffic rules through technical skills in bicycle riding.

At the opening of this activity participated the deputy Minister of Infrastructure Mr. Idriz Selimaj, deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Mr. Izmi Zeka, Deputy. Commander of the Kosovo Security Force General Enver Cikaqi, Deputy Mayor of Prishtina Mr. Selim Pacolli, Lieutenant Colonel Samedin Mehmeti and Major Jeton Rexhepi, Director of Directorate of Education in the Municipality of Prishtina Mr. Jonuz Salihaj, President of the Olympic Committee of Kosovo Mr.Besim Hasani, members of Kosovo Road Safety Forum and representative from the Italian Embassy in Kosovo.

Whereas after analysing pupils’ result, were announced the Kosovo champions in the Sixth Edition of the School Magazine “Road Safety”.

This activity was organized by the College of Applied Technical Science “Tempulli” and Kosovo Association of Motorization “AMRKS” in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Ministry of Infrastructure and with support from Kosovo Police, Kosovo Road Safety Forum, Municipality of Prishtina, Emergency Medicine Centre – Prishtina, Fire Brigade and Radio Television of Kosovo.

Winning schools:

“ Dëshmorët e Qëndresës”, Gllarevë-Klinë

“Ismet Rraçi”, Klinë

“Ali Gashi”, Çikatovë e Re-Drenas

“ Nazim Gafurri”, Prishtinë

“Gjon Sereqi”, Ferizaj

“Haxhi Zeka”,  Zahaq-Pejë

“Hasan Prishtina”, Llapushnikë-Drenas

The champions in bicycle races:

Sixth grade:

I-Florian Hasanaj, “Dëshmorët e Qëndresës”, Gllarevë-Klinë

II-Aulon Rraçi, “Ismet Rraçi”, Klinë

III-Aldrin Morina, “Ali Gashi”, Çikatovë e Re-Drenas

Seventh grade:

I-Leon Pacolli, “ Nazim Gafurri”, Prishtinë

II-Shpat Palushi, “Gjon Sereqi”, Ferizaj

III-Besim Lajqi, “Haxhi Zeka”,  Zahaq-Pejë

Eighth grade:

I-Bekim Vitia, “ Nazim Gafurri”, Prishtinë

II-Leart Bajrami, “Ismet Rraçi”, Klinë

III-Afrim Thaqi, “Hasan Prishtina”, Llapushnikë-Drenas