EuroRAP licenses AMRKS with National license for developing Kosovo road scheme

Brussels, 22 January 2021

After several years of efforts by AMRKS, even in Kosovo, the European EuroRAP Road Assessment Programme has been extended. With the implementation of the National Road Safety Action Plan unveiled in Brussels today, Kosovo’s roads must meet safety criteria and standards under European EuroRAP protocols (at least three stars), thus providing security for all participants. Thank you to EuroRAP officials for the support, started five years ago by Mrs Brenda King and Dr. Stewe Lawson and the continuation of this support by Mrs Lina Constantinopoulou, Mr Ferry Smith and Mrs. Patricia Pelfrene. AMRKS as leader of the National Road Safety Programme for Kosovo, as always, this time the Kosovo national team will do its best to assess safety on Kosovo’s roads. EuroRAP from Brussels has licensed the Kosovar Motoring Association AMRKS with national license for the development of the road scheme (at the central and local level) in Kosovo for the three-year period from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2023.