Third edition of the activity “Road Safety”

Prishtina, 29 May 2015

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in cooperation with the College of Applied Technical Sciences Tempulli organized the Third Edition of the activity “Road Safety” which is a traditional activity that involves primary and secondary education schools, selected by MEST, throughout the country. This activity was also supported by the Kosovo Police, Municipality of Prishtina and Kosovo Forum for Road Safety.

The participating municipalities for this year are the following: Prishtina, Shtime, Drenas, Viti, Prizren, Kamenice, Novo Brdo, Shtërpcë, Gjakova dhe Malisheva.

Today, MEST was the location that brought together 48 pupils from 12 participating schools, which underwent theoretical testing in the field of traffic safety, with the main purpose of including pupils in the program of learning basic rules and skills on traffic behaviour.

Students who prove successful today won the right of participating in the bicycle races, meaning testing their technical skills on riding the bike. This year, thanks to the support and cooperation with the Municipality of Prishtina, was enabled to organize the competition in the Square “Zahir Pajaziti” in Prishtina on 04 June 2015, at 10:00h.

The development of joint activities and action plan are some of the requirements of the global plan for the decade of action 2011-2020 of the United Nations Organization. Taking into account the fact that this is the third time such activities are being organized in Kosovo, we consider that together we have managed to improve traffic movement safety.