Ministry of Infrastructure and AMRKS signed a cooperation agreement for improving the status of road safety

Prishtina, 13 April 2018

With the aim of preventing road accidents, as well as awareness raising and raising the level of safety in road traffic in Kosovo, the founder of AMRKS, Mr. Muhamed Krasniqi together with several representatives of the Kosovo Road Safety Forum were hosted in a working meeting by the Minister of Infrastructure Mr. Pal Lekaj.

Apart from the discussions between the parties on the state of the road safety in the country and the concrete steps to be taken, a Cooperation Agreement was also signed.

Minister Lekaj emphasized the vision and development policies of the Ministry of Infrastructure, which apart from the construction of road infrastructure, the Ministry of Infrastructure has pledged to establish a standard in the construction of road infrastructure as well, but also in signaling and lighting, which our roads actually missed.

On the other hand, Mr. Krasniqi emphasized that the main objective of this agreement is to develop joint activities for the improvement of road safety in Kosovo, prevention and reduction of the number of road accidents.

According to him, the activities envisaged under this cooperation agreement are in full harmony with the joint action plan on enhancing road safety and a requirement of the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety Global Plan, but also an indispensable condition for Kosovo’s path towards the EU integration. Whereas, institutional cooperation in road safety activities will of course change the on-site situation with regard to the safety of citizens in traffic, which from 2010 onwards the European Commission’s Progress Report presents as a concern.

Major Jeton Rexhepi emphasized that Kosovo Police is one of the main stakeholders in the declaration for the announcement of 2018 as a road safety year and according to him, they are institutionally committed to achieving the realization of all the points of the declaration in question.

At the end of this meeting, all parties agreed that institutional cooperation and development of joint activities will have a positive impact on the improvement of road safety in Kosovo, prevention and reduction of the number of road accidents.