The registration of vehicles is conducted by the Center on Vehicle Registration within Civil Registration Agency on the basis of the residence of the owner, or his emplacement.

For vehicle registration are neede the following documents:

Proofs of the ownership on vehicle;

Receipt of the producer – seller of the vehicle;

Original document of the respective state;

Identification document issued by the bodies of Kosovo;

Insurance Policy which shouldn’t be older then fifteen (15) days for the issuance date.;

Unique customs document, in special cases also the custom decision;

Proofs for payment taxes;

Proofs for payment road taxes for


Certificate of technical control of the vehicle issued by licensed entities by the competent authority it should not  be  older  than  fifteen  (15)  days from the date of issuance;

New vehicles that participate in road traffic will undergo technical control during  the  month  on  which  24 hours deadline expires from the first technical control.

Vehicles carrying dangerous goods shall require also an ADR Certificate no older than one (1) year.

If there are more co-owners of the vehicle, the vehicle is registered in behalf of one co-owner with a written statement  from other co-owners certified by the competent body;

Vehicles of public-owned enterprises shall require authorization from the public-owned enterprise.

For the registration of the vehicle for the first time in the Republic of Kosovo is needed also Type of Approval certificate.

If the party does not possess the original document, it may present the photocopy of the certified document from the respective state or other original document which sufficiently presents data on the vehicle in question.

For the working mean – tractor, for which the party does not possess a document , which has existed in Kosovo before 10 June 1999, the party may register the tractor, with statements of two witnesses, certified at the Court or by a notary.

For the vehicles registered in Kosovo before 10 June 1999, it can be done the re- registering. For this category of vehicles except ORIGINAL document, are needed these documents:

In cases when  the VRC  is missing, for any reason, then it is needed the certified copy of the dossier which is issued by competent body in charge for archives which contains these files DVR.

Documentation needed for the extension of registration is:


Certificate of technical regularity;

Insurance policy and bank payment evidence, for State institutions and public companies, is needed only the agreement between the company and institutions (insurance invoice);

Presentation of identification document of the owner;

Proof on payment of taxes.

The request for extension of registration may  be  conducted  in  maximum  fifteen (15) days before the expiry of the previous registration deadline.

VRC shall be obliged to extent vehicle registration from the date of expiration of the registration.

After the deadline expiration of thirty days (30) from the date of Expiration of vehicle registration, the owner of the vehicle  is  obliged  to  pay  administrative tax every thirty days (30) as it is determined in the Decision for Tariffs.

In cases when thirty days (30) after expiration of vehicles registration is a holiday or a weekend, the party does not pay double administrative tax in the first day of work

De-registration of Vehicle

For de-registration of  the  vehicle  is needed:

Handing over of the registration plates in the CVR;

Request for de-registration of vehicle;

VRC presentation

DVR registered in original is returned to the party, where it is evidenced the date and the de-registration.

The party is eligible to de-registrate within 30 days after extension period of time   is   expired.   De-registration   of   a vehicle shall be recorded on the database.

A party shall be obliged to carry out de- registration of the vehicle in the following cases:

A party shall be obliged to carry out de- registration of the vehicle in the following cases:

In the case of non-renewal of registration, depreciation, damage, accident and the vehicle goes out of service   for   whatever   reason,   shall carry out de-registration and return of plates upon request of the party.

If  the  vehicle  is  stolen,  must submit  the  police  report  as  evidence for de-registration.

After expiration of registration validity within 30 days period of time, if these vehicles are not registered or not de- registered, then they shall be transferred to passive vehicles onto the database of vehicles registration.

After the expiration of thirty (30) day deadline, the owner of the vehicle is obliged to pay administrative tax for every thirty (30) days, as it is defined in paragraph 4 of  article10 of this administrative instruction.

Loss or theft of plates or VRC

In case of loss or theft of the VRC or registration plates the owner or user of the vehicle should inform the nearest police station. The police, after being notified about the case, should issue a document on loss or theft of VRC according to the allegations of the informer.

This document should contain sufficient information about the owner, vehicle and VRC or plates.

In the case of damage of VRC or plates the  party  should  present  the  damaged VRC or plates to the CVR and afterwards he receives a new VRC or plates, which he pays according to the Decision on Tariffs, while the damaged VRC  or plates is archived in CVR .

Replacement of the VRC is preceded by the written request.

Re-registration of vehicle

In case a vehicle is de-registered and the party shall request to make re- registration, the following documents are required:

CRA of de-registration;

Technical control;

Insurance  policy  and  proof  of payment;

Payment of administrative taxes according to the Decision on Tariffs;

In the case of the change of owner it is requested the purchasing contract, contract on gift,inheritance act, document through which is gained the ownership.

Vehicles  which  are  sold  in  public auction which were earlier confiscated by the competent bodies may be re-registered with the executive decision of the Court, decision of prosecution bodies, and with the purchasing act of Kosovo Customs Service. In these cases the transaction of change of ownership is transferred to the purchaser – winner in regular public auction, who should firstly fulfil the obligations  according  to  Paragraph  1  of this article.

Vehicle  of  State  Institutions  that  are sold in public auction are contracted only through respective institution, the contractor can also assign the contract to the third party with a special contract.

For the vehicles which were previously de-registered and should conduct the transfer of ownership, even the purchaser belong to other municipality should firstly be re-registered in the existing CVR based on the citizens’ residence or emplacement.

Vehicles  de-registered  may  carry  out de-registration,  including  monthly  taxes set forth and re-registration taxes.

Probation plates

Giving of the probation plates does not mean the registration of vehicle. But, giving of probation plates is possibility for inclusion in the road traffic for a time determined by this article. Probation plates may be given for motorist vehicles and for trailers. In the case of giving probative plates an attestation is issued to the party by DRVVD.

Probation plates for wheicles are with the dimension 340 x 200 mm.

Probation plates are given by the CVR on the request of the vehicle’s owner, in these cases

For new vehicles;

For  used  and  repaired  vehicles with which are conducted test drives for testing vehicles and its condition.

Vehicles that travel from the production site to the selling sites.

For  vehicles  that  travel  to  the fairs, auto-houses for selling purpose.

Vehicles that travel to the control centre for technical control, with expired registration.

For the issuance of the probation plates are required these documents:

Evidence on ownership;

Request for allowance of the probation plates;

Proof on payment of administrative taxes;

Payment of probation plates;

Proof on the payment of insurance towards third persons.

In the case of giving of probation plates to the owner is issued a certificate on use of plates which contains:

Name and surname of the possessor of the vehicle;

Purpose of use of the vehicle;

Type of the vehicle, firm, type, identification number, colour and timeframe of use of probation plates.

Probation plates are issued in timeframe of up to 15 days for the de-customed vehicles.

Probation plates may be issued on the request of the party in the nearest CVR with the border point of the entry of motorist mean.

The change of owner of the vehicle

In the case of change of owners, the new owner is required these documents:

Request for change of the owner

Purchasing contract or other document certified by the Court or licensed companies or by notary which proves on the gaining of ownership in accordance with the law;

VRC of previous owner;

Insurance policy in behalf of the new owner with the proof on fulfilled payment;

Certificate on confirmation of technical  regularity  in  behalf  of  the new  owner,  if  the  vehicle  does  not have extension;

Personal identification document of the seller and buyer, while in the cases where the purchasing contract is verified with the court, or notary the identification documents are not necessary.

Shadowed glasses

Tinted windows can enjoy all the citizens only for those vehicles which as such are produced by its motor vehicle manufacturer

Evidencing of the possession of shadowed glasses after the conclusion of the  technical  condition  is  noted  in  the VRC in the Remarks box.

Placement of tint sticking sheets on car windows is prohibited unless otherwise determined by the decision of the minister.

CVR keeps the evidence on vehicle registration in the respective archive and in the electronic program for the database on the registration of vehicles.

The archive of vehicles is composed of the files of vehicles which are kept and regulated according to the number of the registration plates of the vehicle. Evidence on vehicle registration is preserved in the CVR up to 30 years. Whereas the extensions of registration of vehicles are preserved up to three years.

The evidencing of the data on vehicle registration in the electronic program is conducted  on  the  requests  for  vehicle registrations in CVR.

DVRDL keeps the evidences of electronic data on registration or Online system of vehicles in all MCVR.

Types of the Plates in Kosovo

For all types of trailers and for motorbikes, is issued only one number- plate and VRC.

Horizontal plates of vehicles should be white retro – reflecting coloured, numbers and letters black coloured, while the frame should  be  black  coloured  with  4  mm width. In all horizontal plates, in the first horizontal part of the plate that is blue coloured,   is   placed   the   code   of   the Republic of Kosovo, RKS, with gold colour.  In the second part of the plate are marked figures of the respective region, which have the following meaning:

for the region of Prishtina.—–01

for the region of Mitrovica——02

for the region of Peja————03

for the region of Prizren ——-04

for the region of Ferizaj——–05

for the region of Gjilan———06

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