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Road transportation – the Territory of Kosovo has an adequate road infrastructure for development of different business activities. The road network consists of 630km of main roads.

Responsible for the maintenance of major and regional roads is the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications while responsible for local roads is the Municipality.

Within the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications, the Department of Road Infrastructure is responsible for all matters related to the roads.

Kosovo will be an important linking point of Western Europe with the Adriatic Sea with the construction of the highway with Albania.

Railway transportation – Kosovo has a 330 km railway system that covers the entire territory of Kosovo by linking north to the south and east to the west. Railway system except for private passenger transportation for private and official purposes, offers also transportation of different goods fro business purposes, in Kosovo and abroad. Such transportation is carried out, not only by rail but also in combination with other types of transportation. Kosovo Railways enable the construction of private industrial railways from rail lines to the client location. Commercial Division of Kosovo Railways is the main responsible body for transportation of goods through Kosovo Railways.

Air Transportation – Kosovo has a single airport, Pristina Airport “Adem Jashari” , which is one of the busiest airports in the region. This airport offers flights to the most important European centres but also in America .

Like other transportation methods, the air transportation besides the transportation of passengers it also does the transportation of various goods (charter) for business purposes. Prishtina Airport offers a fast, professional and effective transfer of loads. Airport does the screening of each load through X-rays . Variable fee’s and payments depend on the weight of the load.

Prishtina Airport provides suitable conditions for the carriage of goods that require special treatment, by having in possession refrigerators for storage of goods . Also it possesses all the equipment for loading and unloading of goods .

After the goods make it in there, each transportation company must make the withdrawal within 24 hours otherwise they have to pay extra fee.


Mail Transportation and Telecommunication

The telecom sector in Kosovo is owned by the Post and Telecommunications of Kosovo (PTK). PTK provides fixed telephony, internet and mail services. Within PTK, there is as well the mobile phone operator Vala that offers mobile phone services. While the internet services is provided by the so-called DardaNet which operates within the PTK.

Second operator of mobile telephony is IPKO, which offers besides mobile telephony services also fixed telephony service, VoIP, Cable TV, internet services etc.

And the third operator which provides fixed telephony service and internet is Kujtesa.

Besides PTK, mail service is provided by many foreign companies operating in Kosovo such as: UPS, TNT, FEDEX, DHL.

Kosovo is covered with 600 pay phones located in public areas and 470 in post offices. Some parts of the city are covered with WLAN.

such as: Vala (044) also IPKO (049) as well offer special prices for businesses. For more information about the services, visit the respective official websites.

Due to development and empowerment of united relations, especially in the economic and trade cooperation, restraining to the principles of trade economy, common wish to participate actively in the international process of economic integration, and also in finding the ways and manners for consolidation of this process, UNMIK on behalf of the Provisional Institutions for Self-governing in Kosovo until now has achieved to realize four bilateral Free Trade Agreements and one Multilateral FTA which during implementation somewhere by the middle of 2007 will be replacing those bilateral ones.

Implemented Free Trade Agreements are:

With Republic of Albania since 01.10.2003

With Republic of Macedonia since 03.08. 2005

With Republic of Croatia since 01.11.2006 and

With Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina since 12.12.2006.

It is worth to emphasize that Free Trade Agreements with Albania and Bosnia & Herzegovina are completely free for all products from agricultural products (chapter 1-24) until Industrial products (chapter 25 – 97).

While the FTA with Macedonia and Croatia, are having some limitations for some certain products imported from these two countries, as per products of Kosovo origin there are no limitations during export in these two countries which means are exempted from customs charges.

Goods imported from Republic of Macedonia which are band to customs charge of 6% until January 1, 2008 are:

Industrial products of chapter 2710 and

Agricultural products of chapters: 04070030; 07031019; 07031090; 07049010; 07096010; 070096091; 2204.


Goods imported from Republic of Croatia which are band to customs charge of 6% until January 1, 2008 are:

Industrial products of chapters: 2710; 3402; 8418.

While Agricultural products imported from Republic of Croatia which are band to customs charge of 10% are products form chapters: 0401; 0405; 0406; 1602; 2005.

Regional Free Trade Agreement also known as CEFTA which is signed on December 19, 2006 where Kosovo is member with equal rights with Regional countries.

CEFTA Agreements have signed these countries:


Bosnia & Herzegovina,









But since these two last countries have entered to European Union are removed from this Agreement.


It is important to mention that in this agreement have been carried forward all existing annexes of the Bilateral Agreement.

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