Road transport operators of goods which are not registered in Kosovo (foreign operators) can not operate in the territory without special permission for entry and transit transit without permission, except vehicles of KFOR, UNMIK Regulation and road transport operators who have goods or CEMT permit is regulated by bilateral agreements.

All transport services have a legal basis or are provided with administrative instructions (AI) of the Ministry of Infrastructure, which define certain actions in transporting passengers.

Professional services relating to road transport operators in passenger transport of passengers by bus, free transport passengers subsistence transportation of passengers, taxi transport, access and transport for transit through the territory of Kosovo .

Legal definitions have the following meanings:

“Transport permit” means the act provided for by present law or by international agreement based on which the road transport of passengers or of goods is performed;

“International agreement” means each bilateral or multilateral agreement that is mandatory to Kosovo, and is related to road traffic transport;

“Transport in the road traffic” means each transport of passengers or of goods, including the driving of empty or unloaded motor vehicles;

“Transport operator” means the physical or juridical person, local or international, which owns the license for the performance of activities of transport in the road traffic;

“External transport operator” means the physical or juridical person that owns the license issued by the country of its origin for transportation of passengers’ or of goods or the physical or juridical person that performs own account transports, whereas its headquarter/residence is based in another country;

“Transit transport” means the transport of passengers or of goods throughout the territory of the Republic of Kosovo without embarking or disembarking of passengers, respectively without loading or unloading of goods in Kosovo;

“Tariff” means the act containing the price pertaining to the provision of services and other transport conditions;

“Terminal of goods” means the building along with other additional facilities licensed by the Ministry to provide services pertaining to the reception and dispatching transport vehicles of the transport operators;

“Person in charge” -means a person in whose name a vehicle is registered or is required to be registered under the law no. 02. /L- 70 on Road Traffic Safety.

“Vehicle” – means any  powered  form  of  transport,  (including  cars,  minivans,  utility vehicles, minibuses, buses, trucks, tractors and trailers, but does not include exempt vehicles listed in annex A.) which moves on the road exempt vehicles that move on track.

“Foreign vehicle” – Means all vehicles registered out of Kosovo territory.

“Ecological Tax” – means an annual road tax for vehicles shall be levied on all vehicles registered in Republic of Kosovo.

“Road tax“ – means an annual road tax for foreign transport vehicles registered outside the Republic of Kosovo.

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