6th International Conference “Inspection, audit and importance of intelligent transport systems”

Identification of deficiencies in the existing road network, prevention of accidents and reduction of their consequences, high ranking in terms of road safety level, are just a few of the advantages enjoyed by States that implement Inspection, Auditing and Intelligent Transport Systems.

Being aware of the importance of a professional discussion on abovementioned points, College Tempulli, AMRKS, Road Safety and Transport Research Institute, Kosovo Road Safety Forum with support from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport organized the 6th International Conference “Inspection, Auditing and importance of Intelligent Transport Systems”.

Among others, it was also discussed about: increasing traffic safety as a key factor in preventing road accidents, rehabilitating the injured persons and the everyday challenges of victims’ family members from road accidents, road safety management – international practices in road inspection and auditing, the necessity of applying intelligent systems as well as the Highway of Peace.

In the conference opening ceremony participated the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Mr Pal Lekaj, while the panellists were representatives of: European Federation for Road Traffic Victims-EFRTV, Road Traffic Safety Council-Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Division for Road Traffic- Kosovo Police, International Roads Federation, IRU Academy, OSCE Kosovo, European Council for Transport Safety-ETSC, AptiDrive Limited, College of Applied Technical Sciences “Tempulli”, Road Safety and Transport Research Institute.

Just as other previous years, the recommendations provided by domestic and international experts will be delivered to institutions and stakeholders in the country in order to be considered as some of the action measures that need to be taken to ensure a safe road movement all traffic participants.