Sixth edition of the traditional activity “Road safety” – theoretical part

24 – 27 April 2018

This year, the College of Applied Technical Sciences “Tempulli” and Kosovo Association OF Motorization “ARMKS”, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and support of the Kosovo Road Safety Forum, organize for the sixth time the Traditional Activity “Road Safety”, which includes primary and secondary schools from various municipalities of Kosovo, as selected by MEST.

This year, a total of 16 schools from 5 municipalities participated:


PLSS “Ismajl Qemajli”

PLSS “Nazim Gafurri”

PLSS “Anton Zako Çajupi”

PLSS “Nexhmi Mustafa”- Besi


PLSS “Ahmet Hoxha”

PLSS “Gjon Sereqi”

PLSS “Muharrem Shemsedini”


PLSS “Ali Gashi”

PLSS “Halil Bajraktari”

PLSS “Hasan Prishtina” – Llapushnike

PLSS “Migjeni” – Baince


PLSS “Ismet Rraçi”

PLSS “Atë Shtjefën Gjeqovi” – Zllakuqane

PLSS “Dëshmorët e Qëndresës” – Gllareve


PLSS “Ramiz Sadiku”

PLSS “Haxhi Zeka” – Zahaç

Theoretical part of this edition commenced on 24 April 2018 and ended on 27 April 2018. During this week, the working groups visited schools selected by MEST and distributed colouring books “How to move safely on the road” and tests developed by traffic experts for evaluating knowledge of pupils with regards to the traffic rules and signs to pupils of grades 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

On Friday, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Mr. Idriz Selimaj, Officer within Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Mrs. Fatime Jasiqi, and Director of College “Tempulli”, Mr. Muhamed Krasniqi, joined the Working Group in the school “Nazim Gafurri”.