Road safety situation worrisome as a result of traffic accidents

Prishtina, 18 September 2015

Regarding traffic accidents in country, first half of this year is characterized with a greater road safety comparing with the same period of last year.

These and their issues regarding the road safety were discussed today in the meeting held by the members of Kosovo Forum for road safety. This meeting was attended by the representatives of Kosovo Police, Kosovo Security Forces, Ministry of Education Science and Technology, Ministry of Infrastructure, Tempulli, AMRKS, OSBE, UNHCR, Kosovo Parents’ Council, Kosovo Council of Teachers, Forum of driving instructor of Kosovo. All of them unanimously expressed their concern regarding the road safety situation. September is considered the month of having the highest number of victims of traffic accidents for this year, where only within these days 14 persons passed away as a result of traffic accidents, while, in the last year throughout September the number of victims was 10.

Almost all participants in their speeches expressed numerous remarks towards Ministry of Infrastructure regarding their failure to accomplish their duties, which as an institution has the legal mandate for road safety of the country. They requested perseveringly that finally National Council may invite all relevant mechanisms for road safety to analyse road safety situation which unfortunately day after day is worsening. In this case were disclosed also the events which will be conducted by the Forum throughout this year and in the next year. Next event is already scheduled on date 15 November 2015 when the marking of the National Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims will take place.