First Railway line in Kosovo is constructed in 1874 in route Hani i Elezit- Fushë Kosovë- Mitrovicë.

Later is started and was completed construction of existing railway network throughout Kosovo territory.

Kosovo Railways is extended to entire Kosovo territory with network of 333,451 km. Industrial railway lines are not included to above mentioned distance and covers 103, 4 km of railway.   Railway lines are linkage between all most important centers of Kosovo except Gjakova and Gjilani.  Railway lines of Kosovo have direct links also with neighboring countries such is Macedonia and Serbia and through them with othercountries as well.


Kosovo Railways offers you possibility in a faster way to find your transport solution, while our goal is that through our service assortments, price and distribution to come closer to you.

The main Bearer for all freight transportation activities through Kosovo Railways in the meaning of transport organizing and commercial transport is the Kosovo Railways Commercial Section.

This section is guiding its activities on finalizing the transportation by satisfying bilateral needs, as for the transport service user as well as for the rational way of Kosovo Railways functionality.


The Conventional Transport includes the transportation of wagons deliveries in domestic transportation and international transport. The wagons delivery transportation is foreseen as a service which is dedicated for the markets with big amount of goods, as: dispersed goods, chemicals, metallurgy industrial products or half products, constructing industry products, palletized goods etc. With special transport conditions, conventional transportation includes also extraordinary deliveries.

For this kind of transport we offer different type of wagons like: open and closed wagons, wagons with extra construction, platform wagons, tanks, etc.

The conventional transport will be realized with international trains (EUC trains), fast transporting trains with B transporting regime, direct transporting trains as well as in groups, circular trains and industrial transportation trains.


With combined Transport we infer a special transport unit in traffic with at least two circulating unites, where by the traffic junctions with different units shall not be manipulated with goods.

Viewing in general, the combined Transport unites Railways and Road traffic circulation opportunities. The main duty is to direct the Road traffic to Railway traffic in a mater of reducing the overload of traffic, reducing the traffic accidents, saving of Fuel, rational using of space, reducing the environment pollution and also reducing noises. At the different transport circulating junctions, transporting unites from one unite to other one precede with modern equipment.

The combined transport is based on different partner cooperation in the logistic chain like; Railway Transports Organizations, Local and International Operators, Road Transports Organizations Water- Craft Transportation, Industrial Producers, Sea Agents, Port Organizations ad Container

Based on its responsibilities the combined transport offers:

* Profit for organizations, which is the principal and the base of our activity.

* By ensuring the security, speed, confidence, the chain transport satisfies the transport users request

* By reducing the environment pollution, decreasing the noise, saving the energy and decreasing the extreme expenses which are caused by the change of the activity fits to the general society interest.

Transporting of the full or half Trailer- Truck proceeds with low wagons, pulling machines will not be divided but these can be transported as undivided until the drivers will be transported with special wagons destined for passenger transportation, and that in sleeping wagons as usual.


The railways Cargo Terminal in Miradi accepts and sends goods for railways and road traffic. In fact it can be considered as a continuation of railways traffic because it enables the goods delivery up to your address through road traffic and that in shorter traffic road. The terminal for loading and unloading of goods with rails is located at the transporting station in Miradi and is under Kosovo Railways leadership.

For more details please visit the Rail Cargo Terminal page.

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