In order to give information about the envisaged activities we have included your most frequent questions during our communication, providing also adequate answers.

1. Why haven’t we yet received the results of the tests held on May 2013?

According to the experts who have checked the tests, students have given very interesting answers. Not wanting to waste time and being tight (in the absence of time) and within the view of completing this phase of activities within this school year, we decided that after the completion of the final competitions to submitt the results.

2. How is the practical part of bicycle competition organized?

Simply, the first condition is for the student to know how to ride the bicycle and to recognize the traffic signs, especially those that we have given you in the school during testing. Then the student should have skills in bicycle riding, especially in careful and precise riding. There are some improvised exercises which as a main criteria the time for which the exercise is finished.

Request: Riding the bicycle in an area without touching the ground with their feet and not touching the boundary lines (with one or both wheels). Following and acting according to traffic signs and according to orders of the authorized person. Students must pass the obstacles (cones) without touching-crashing them.

3. How many students are, and in how many groups is the competition held?

All of the schools selected by MEST were foreseen to participate in the central event. From each school must participate three students according to the grade. One student in the first group from grade 1-3, one student for the second groups from grade 4-6 and one students for the third group from grade 7-9.

4. How many exercises are there and how long do they last?

Since the project started with a considerable delay and given that this kind of competition is held for the first time in this format, we have decided to assign only 5 exercises for each student which under normal circumstances take very little time in riding.

5. Should we take our bicycles?

It is known that bicycles are divided by age and in accordance to this you may take your personal bicycle or the bicycle of the school if the school posses them. The organizer has provided bicycles for racing and is not necessary to bring your own bicycles unless you want.

6. When should we come to the barracks, at what time we should be there?

Event will start at 10.00. It will be more then welcome to come earlier and to accommodate, maybe 9.30 will be optimal. The entrance is from the back, Gate 2 of the “Adem Jashari” barrack. As for your information, this gate is between two roundabouts near the traffic lights, on Pristina-Mitrovica highway.

7. Besides the competition, is it foreseen any additional activity?

Of course it is. Parade of KSF unit, Motorists of Kosovo Police, Practical demonstration of why we should wear helmet while riding the bicycle/motor. Practical demonstration of reaction reflexes, etc…

8. Prizes for the winners, students and schools?

For the winners of the first three places by groups, the organizer has foreseen these awards and certificates of appreciations:



It is foreseen the award of 9 cups for the winning schools.

  • First, second and third place in Group I (Grades 1-3)
  • First, second and third place in Group II (grades 4-6)
  • First, second and third place in Group III (Grades 7-9)


Certificate of appreciation:

Besides the cups, all schools will receive certificate of appreciation for:

  • The schools that are among first three places by groups (9 schools)
  • Other schools in which the testing was conducted during month of May 2013



For students- the top three winners by the groups, the organizer has foreseen medals, certificates of appreciations and other prizes:


Gold Medals:

First places in Groups I, II and III.

Silver medals:

Second places in Groups I, II and III.

Bronze medals:

Third places in Groups I, II and III.

Certificate of appreciation:

Besides the medals, all winning students will receive certificate of appreciation as well:

Three first places in Group I, II and III.

Other prizes:

  • First place for three groups – Bicycles, T-shirts, notebooks, rulers, pencil,
  • Second place for three groups – Helmets, T-shirts, notebooks, rulers, pencils,
  • Third place for three groups – Protection of extremities, T-shirts, notebooks, rulers, pencils.
  • Prizes for other students participating in competition:
  • All competing students will receive Attendance Certifications, T-shirts, notebooks, rulers and pencils.


9. How is the dress code for competing students?

Competing students must be dressed in that way so they can feel as comfortable and as relaxed during their performance in riding the bicycle. Everyone should wear T-shirts prior to competition.

In the end do not hesitate to come to Prishtina on Tuesday on 18th of June 2013.

This central event of competition at national level ”ROAD SAFETY “ is organized for the first time after the war in Republic of Kosovo and 40 students from primary and lower secondary schools from all around the country  participate. Event mainly has to do with the knowledge on road traffic safety and bicycle riding skills by students. This event is the biggest event of this scale organized after the war in Kosovo with a broad focus (students, teachers and parents).

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