Since its establishment, AMRKS has been supporting with preventive actions aimed at increasing the safety.

The best indicators of our work and commitment in improving and enhancing traffic safety are by organizing international conferences, conducting campaigns aimed at society’s awareness for road safety, membership and cooperation with international organizations, placing brochures, traffic development trend research in terms of preventing traffic accident.

In addition, we develop learning and extracurricular activities with students, with key goal of increasing their awareness for behaviour in traffic. Whereas, at the end of each school year we assess the level of students’ knowledge from primary and secondary schools regarding traffic signs and regulations.

This activity is organized in cooperation with Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, College Tempulli and Kosovo Forum for Road Safety.

Finalization of this activity includes implementation of three stages:

  1. Theoretical part – MEST selects participating schools where students as their representatives undergo traffic skills tests which means, first and foremost including of all students in basic skills and rules of behaviour, free movement in traffic learning program.
  2. Practical part – the most successful students in stage one, are qualified to participate in bicycle races, which means testing students for technical skills in bicycle riding.
  3. Weekly show in KTV with experts invited to studio to  address citizens’ concerns regarding level of road safety for all traffic participants, where only during period 2013-2014 over 70 shows were carried out.


The development of such activities and joint action plan to increase road safety is a requirement of the Global Plan for the decade of action 2011-2020 of the United Nations, meanwhile in Kosovo, these activities are already traditional and we believe that we managed to enhance the traffic safety movement.









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