Ministry of Internal Affairs and AMRKS sign a cooperation agreement

Prishtina, 25 July 2018

With a view to institutional coordination of activities to increase safety for all traffic participants, Minister of Internal Affairs, Bejtush Gashi hosted in an official meeting the founder of AMRKS, Muhamed Krasniqi. In addition to the discussion on the current state of Kosovo roads the participants also signed a Cooperation Agreement.

Minister of Internal Affairs, Bejtush Gashi, stated that this agreement confirms the commitment to improve road safety in the country and to cooperate on issues related to road safety.

“Supporting road safety initiatives through proposed campaign programs, awareness raising campaigns, research, and conferences enables joint participation in cases where topics to be addressed are of common interest”, stated Mr Gashi.

However, according to Mr Krasniqi, the main objective of this agreement is to develop and coordinate joint activities towards improving road safety in Kosovo, preventing and reducing the number of road accidents through ensuring a modern, professional, transparent approach that respects diversity, human rights and provides equal opportunities for all.

“MIA and AMRKS have also agreed to cooperate with other road safety institutions. In addition to providing citizens with information on road traffic in the country they will also provide road assistance and technical assistance to all traffic participants”.