Kosovo became part of the international campaign for road safety #SAVEKIDSLIVES

Prishtina, 4 June 2015

The opening of this activity was attend by high-level representatives of the state as Mr. Arsim Bajrami –Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Nazmi Jashari and Mr. Fidan Rekaliu – advisors of the Minister of Infrastructure, Colonel Sheremet Ahmeti – Kosovo Police and also representatives from other institutions. This activity was organized by Ministry of Education, Sciences and Technology in cooperation with College Tempulli, Kosovo Police and Kosovo Forum for Road Safety and supported by Kosovo Insurance Bureau and Municipality of Prishtina.

Minister for Education, Science and Technology Mr. Arsim Bajrami said that: these activities are important in the creation of civil education about traffic rules. The organizer of this event Mr. Muhamed Krasniqi – director of Tempulli College said: I am happy that our activities have contributed to create a safe environment for children on our roads.

The students that were more successful in this phase were part of main event called “Students on bike racing”, which was held today at “Zahir Pajaziti” Square in Prishtina, where students demonstrated their skills in driving bicycle.

Today also we organized activities to show our support for the Third United Nations Global Road Safety Week and the campaign #SaveKidsLives. The campaign is calling for action to save children’s lives on the roads around the world. It does so by:

• Highlighting the plight of children on the roads;

• Generating worldwide action to better ensure the safety of children on the roads;

• Calling for inclusion of safe and sustainable transport in the post-2015 development agenda.

Development of such activities and joint action plan to increase road safety are requirements of the Global Plan of Action decade 2011-2020 of the United Nations, meanwhile in Kosovo these activities are organized for the third time