The Green Card is equivalent to Motor Vehicle Insurance Certificates of all countries that a foreign motorist may visit. As such, it is acceptable without any hindrance or special price from the authorities of all countries for which the Green Card is valid.

The Green Card ensures that visiting motorists have at least the minimum compulsory insurance coverage towards third parties, required under the laws of the countries they visit.

What are the objectives of the Green Card System?

• To ensure that third-party victims in road traffic accidents do not suffer from the fact that injuries or damage sustained by them were caused by a visiting motorist rather than a motorist resident in the same country.

• To avoid the need for motorists to obtain insurance coverage at each of the frontiers of the countries which they visit.

How are these objectives achieved?

• Through activities of the Green Card Bureaux that are established by law or regulation in each of the 46 countries participating in the Green Card system.

• All Green Card Bureaux operate with the recognition and approval of their respective government.

Each Green Card Bureau has two functions:

As a “Bureau of the country of the accident”, it has responsibility in accordance with national legal provisions for Compulsory Third Party Motor Insurance for the handling and settlement of claims arising from accidents caused by visiting motorists.

As a “Guaranteeing Bureau” it guarantees certificates of Motor Insurance – (“Green Cards”) which are issued by its member insurance companies to their policyholders.

National bureaux cooperate on the basis of the Internal Regulations signed bilaterally between each of them.*

* Taken from the official website of the Green Card Council of Bureaux:

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