FEVR supports AMRKS for its activities in Kosovo

The number one FEVR (European Federation of Road Traffic Victims), President Jeannot Mersch, is also the founder of WDoR (World Day for the Commemoration of Victims in Road Traffic). Mr. Mersch has sent a thank you and gratitude for AMRKS’ continued work on several years of activities in this day’s note. He supported the organizers of this event in Kosovo through a video message and expressed his readiness for continued SUPPORT from the FEVR. The FEVR President has honored the road safety community in our country with his visit in January 2019. This year activities for this day take place under the motto “Life is not a part of the vehicle”. This message has encouraged everyone to work harder on this project as well as other road safety projects.

#WDoR2019 #LifeIsNotACarPart