1. Competition Program “Mobile Short Film”
  2. Competition Program “Mobile Documentary Film”
  3. Competition Program “VLog Documentary Film”
  4. Competition Program “Diaspora Mobile Success Story”



  1. Best movie award “Mobile Short Film”
  2. Best movie award “Mobile Documentary Film”
  3. Best movie award “VLog Documentary Film”
  4. Best movie award “Diaspora Mobile Success Story”
  5. Special award “Arif Krasniqi”
  6. Public’s choice award


Mobile phones are the leading cause of road accidents and in recent years “driving under the influence of mobile phones” is getting more headlines than “driving under the influence of alcohol”. This festival represents a brilliant opportunity to offer a new approach to the use of mobile phones since, apart from communication, mobile phones can also be used to shoot movies.  Thus, by promoting this new approach, we will make mobile phones a device that contributes to the prevention of traffic accidents rather than a device that causes them.

The festival is dedicated to students – the current generation who are well acquainted with the technology of smartphones.

We should all, through this movie, make efforts to improve road safety.

Abonohu për më të rejat nga ne!
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