Exam for driving license

Professional programs – training

Candidate training on subjects, traffic and safety rules (theoretical part) and driving a motor powered vehicle (practical part) shall be performed bases on the training curriculum for driver candidates. Theoretical and practical testing of applicants for driver defined in law 02/l- 70 Road Traffic Safety and Administrative Instruction no. 2008/08 on the exam for a driver of the Ministry of Infrastructure.

The right to run the motored vehicle can have a person who meets the following conditions:

a)të jetë psiqikisht dhe fizikisht i aftë për të drejtuar mjetin

b) have reached the age for certain categories of vehicles

c) have passed appropriate category for drivers

d) that the decision of the competent authority has not stop driving

Documentation required for registration

Candidate who want to be able to get driving license “B”, must meet the following conditions:

– Age over 18 years old

– Medical Certificate

– ID card

– Red Cross Certificate

Age of candidates allowed to drive for motor vehicle according to categories:

Bike path runs can a person who has reached 14 years.
Children who have reached 10 years, who are trained to direct school moped on the road and that the certificate is issued, it can manage its local moped on the road, while other children could operate the moped over the age of 9 under escort a person who is aged 16 years.

– 14 years old for vehicle of category M;

– 16 years old for driving category A1, G and T;

– 18 years old for driving category A2, A and B;

– 19 years old for driving category C1;

– 20 years old for driving category C;

– 21 years old for driving category D1 and D.

Training – driving course

Theorical part

Training begins with attending lectures in theoretical part which consist of 16 hours. After the lectures candidate must appear for the test on auto pilot school. Successful completion of the pilot test candidate clears the way for the start of practice hours in driving the motor vehicle.

Practical part

Teaching of the practical part a driver candidate may start it after completing training of the theoretical part and have passed successfully a tentative test at the driving school. A driver candidate should maintain one class only from the practical part in a day, whereas after 6 (six) classes depending from the results achieved may maintain 2 (two) classes in a day.

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