Drive very carefully on the streets especially near schools

During this year’s January-July period, a total of 8,191 accidents occurred in Kosovo, while during this period, 58 people have unfortunately lost their lives. Given the high risk in traffic, this summer’s accidents, but also the start of the school year where traffic becomes more dense and consequently even more unsafe for children, as in years past and this year, the Kosovar Motoring Association AMRKS along with other partners, call on all traffic participants to add care during the road movement.

This call for increased road safety, addresses all motor vehicle owners to be vigilant and act by respecting traffic rules and signs in full. In school settings, care should be increased so that security for children on the way from home to school increases and vice versa. Additional care and attention is required from children during the passage of the road and their movement in groups” is said in the joint communication of Tempulli College and AMRKS.