AMRKS joins 3-STAR Coalition

Prishtina, 10 December 2015


AMRKS officially received confirmation for membership in 3-Star Coalition, which is a group of 57 organizations from around the world working to build a healthier world by advocating the engineering and construction of safer roads in the developing world.

In particular, 3-Star Coalition advocates for roads in developing countries that their construction meet at least the 3 stars safety standard for all road users and the coalition urges organizations like the World Bank to adopt this standard.

3-Star Coalition has a comprehensive approach that includes improving the enforcement of laws on road safety, public education and is committed to a strong leadership on road safety, so membership of AMRKS in this international coalition and other organizations that have aimed at improving of road safety is of particular importance for entire country because in this way is enabled the exchange of practices with various countries of the world and contribute to road safety and rights of people who sustained the traffic accidents.