AMRKS and Tempulli hosted a roundtable discussion on “Walking, cycling and public transportation”

On Wednesday, 18 September 2019, on the third day of the celebration of the European Mobility Week organized by the Municipality of Prishtina, Tempulli College hosted a discussion on “Walking, cycling and public transportation”.

This roundtable brought together professors from Tempulli College, AMRKS, Pristina Municipality officials and other bicycle activists. The table was opened by Mr. Krasniqi from Tempulli College, who stressed the necessity of creating a safe and efficient system for pedestrians and cyclists with the aim that their movement, in addition to being a practical and enjoyable form of travel, will also impact the balance of urban transportation in the city. Every day we encounter problems and concerns about pedestrian safety on the road. Walking and cycling tracks, specifically the existing infrastructure, does not sufficiently encourage citizens to either walk or use bicycles.

Other participants in the discussion talked about this week’s activities with a particular focus on promoting walking as a healthier and more preferable alternative to using cars for short trips.