AMRKS advises on road safety during COVID-19

Pristina, March 29, 2020

This High-speed virus, COVID-19  has become a big concern, but also the top priority for each citizen and government in the world. Our priority yesterday, today, tomorrow and always is the security of citizens in general and the security of the movement in particular. The Kosovo Motorization Association AMRKS points out that today each citizen must have maximum care during the movement and respect traffic rules and signs as well as current guidelines. As a result of this (without)responsibility, we dare not charge hospitals and emergency services with the hurt and victims of road traffic accidents, as they today face pandemics and all are focused on improving medical services in the face of the sufferer with corona virus. Consequently, under these new circumstances and in this emergency situation, AMRKS requires added care for each eventual participant on the road.

The strongest order for road safety in this pandemic situation is to absolutely follow the advice of the National Institute of Public Health of Kosovo, other health and safety institutions as well as the decisions of the country’s government.

AMRKS as a “lawyer” for road safety and mobility, at this time of crisis gives the following recommendations:

  • Stay home and only go out if you have a big need.
    If you have to get out, walk safely by keeping your social distance, if you’re on a bike/motor you should definitely use your helmet, if you’re in a vehicle you should drive with added care and use your seat belt, reduce driving speed, not consume drinks and food while driving, and not use your mobile phone.
    You must be responsible for your own sake and for the sake of others.

AMRKS wishes you health and requires care for all citizens and traffic participants, with special emphasis on those at the top of the official task, those who are engaged in the transport industry and in the supply chain at this challenging time. Please stay safe and remain informed at all times. #rriNshpi