3rd International Conference “Transport research and knowledge transfer in Road Safety”

Prishtina, 22 January, 2016


The College of Technical Applied Sciences “Tempulli” and Kosovo Association of Motorization “AMRKS”, organized the third International Conference “Transport research and knowledge transfer in road safety” that took place in Prishtina. This Conference was supported by Sapienza – Università di Roma, IRU Academy, European Transport Safety Council – ETSC and Kosovo Forum for Road Safety

This Conference brought together local, regional and European institutions and stakeholders dealing with transport and road safety issues, and it also served the need for exchange of ideas with local and international experts regarding challenges related to road safety, EU funded road-railway infrastructure investment projects,  vehicle insurance and transfer of various road safety researches.

The representatives of Ministry of Infrastructure, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ombudsperson attended the opening of this Conference. Whereas, panellists to this Conference were the representatives from European Transport Safety Council (Belgium), IRU Academy (Switzerland), EuroRap (England), Sapienza – Università di Roma (Italy), Austrian Road Safety Council (Austria), TraSaCu Project, Kosovo Police, Kosovo Academy for Public Safety , EULEX, OSCE, KSF, Confederation of Albanian Road Safety Associations, etc.

In order to implement the recommendations of local and international experts given upon this Conference, the same will be submitted to the institutions and stakeholders in order to jointly contribute to their implementation.