Road safety in the region of Mitrovica.

During the summer season, AMRKS, in cooperation with Kosovo Police for the region of Mitrovica, have developed various activities aimed at improving the road safety situation in this region and raising awareness of all participants in traffic for a more cultured behavior on the road.

Schedule of activities:

May 31 2016- Round table "Vision zero accidents on the road" held in Prishtina,

15 June 2016- Workshop "Road Safety Situation in Mitrovica, Vushtrri and Skenderaj municipalities" held in Mitrovica.

Design, printing and distribution of coloring books for elementary school pupils in this region.

Design, print and placement of billboards with road safety messages in most frequented locations in the region of Mitrovica

Design, print and placement of posters with road safety messages in locations near schools, roads and shops in the region of Mitrovica.

Drafting and distribution of questionnaires to residents in the region of Mitrovica, aimed at identifying the causes affecting the road safety movement.





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