Winter equipment necessary for safe driving

Prishtina, 13 November 2017

In order to raise the awareness of drivers and citizens who move on the road, please be informed that always within the period (15 November – 15 March), each driver is required by law to carry winter equipment in order to adapt to the road conditions for safe driving.

Through informational brochures, Kosovo Association of Motorization AMRKS informs drivers of small vehicles but also of the transportation ones regarding the measures for winter preparation.

The Law on Road Traffic Provisions (No. 05 / l-088) clearly specifies the driving conditions during this period where it shall be prohibited movement of vehicles and vehicles community, which have not placed winter equipment…if the road is covered with snow or ice.

Under the applicable law, the drivers driving their vehicles without winter equipment shall be punished by fine of forty (40) euro, whereas drivers in capacity of legal persons or public institution in the name and within the authorization of which the person has acted, as defined… shall be punished with fine from one hundred (100)to three hundred (300) euro.

During the winter period and reduced visibility, each   driver in his vehicle must have two white lights on the front of the vehicle and two red lights on the rear of the vehicle as well as an orange reflective signal in both sides, otherwise a fine of thirty (30) euros will be imposed for minor offenses.