Meeting of Kosovo Forum for Road Safety

Prishtina, 5 December 2018

The Kosovo Forum for Road Safety held its regular meeting, in which it discussed about the course and results achieved by the activities conducted during 2018 and the action plan for activities that will take place during the upcoming year.

The meeting was attended by representatives from: Ministry of Education Science and Technology; Ministry of Internal Affairs; Ministry of Infrastructure; Ministry for the Kosovo Security Forces; Kosovo Police; College of Technical Applied Sciences “Tempulli”; Kosovo Association of Motorization AMRKS; OSBE/Kosovo; UNHCR/Kosovo; Kosovo student council; Kosovo Forum of Driver Instructors; Fire Brigade-Prishtina; Urgent Care Center-Prishtina; Traffic experts.

We would like to thank all the members that were present today, who contributed with their professional knowledge and experience in open discussions regarding the current situation of road safety in the country and concrete measures that need to be taken in order to ensure safe movement in roads for all categories of traffic participants.