Fia President Mr. Jean Todt visited Kosovo

Prishtina, May 27, 2016

FIA president Jean Todt, at the same time special UN envoy on global road safety, in the last week of May visited Kosovo.

During his visit he was received by the top leaders of central and local government in Kosovo, in which occasion he requested from all government representatives their commitment in improving the road infrastructure and undertaking measures to increase road safety and prevention of deaths due to traffic accidents.

He and our government representatives, through messages on road safety, showed their support for the global campaign #SaveKidsLives. This is not the first time that Kosovo becomes part of this campaign, since last year AMRKS conducted activities within #SaveKidsLives, such as writing messages on road safety by citizens, distribution and signing of the Child Declaration for Road Safety, as a call that is directed to adults and institutions to do more to allow them free movement.

Kosovo racers’ successes and of the Federation of Auto Sports of Kosovo (FASK) in the international arena are the ones who deserve the credit for realization of Jean Todt’s visit to Kosovo.