As mentioned above, the Festival will entail certain activities through which safety of our lives will be promoted, this time with special focus while moving on the road.

Awareness campaigns will also be launched, which will have an impact on the conscience of each citizen in obeying the traffic rules and signs.

The first edition has started from our everyday life, especially in the last few years, where we spend a significant part of time on the road and risk our lives at any point in time. Threats to the security of our lives come precisely from road accidents! During this year alone, we have had over 110 citizens, who have lost their lives and thousands of injured citizens as a result of many road traffic accidents. Such a high number of traffic death rate also made us expand our activities beyond traditional forms of awareness rising with other actions and measures with the best intention to contribute to the improvement of this serious situation.

In the framework of this festival, in addition to films envisaged to be shown, at the same time several (separate) workshops will be organized by Kosovo Police, Emergency Medical Centre, Traffic Experts, Producers, Directors, Cameraman, etc. will organize activities with topics such as how to give first aid in traffic accidents, citizen awareness not through fines but through short awareness-raising film with a special emphasis on safety belt, mobile phone, failing to keep security distance, child seat, driving under the influence of alcohol, difficulties in roundabouts, acting in front of the camera, shooting a movie through the smartphone, etc. These activities with the Police are supposed to last throughout 2019.

International Film Festival “Life Safety” as a new form of communication will, undoubtedly, convey the message to every citizen that, above all, safety and protection of life are the most important things in our lives. Life is a story in itself and there is a story behind everything in this world; even roads have a story. Every traffic participant – drivers, pedestrians or simply travellers – by obeying traffic rules and signs, showing high-level manners and civilized behaviour in the road, will impact the increase of movement safety. By improving road safety, we will be able to reach planned destinations on time and thus our journeys will have a happy ending.

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